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Colocation Services

Our colocation services are packaged in a "base with addons" model to allow the customer to select exactly the options they need. This allows you to get all the features your business needs to run smoothly, with no unwanted extras driving the cost up.

Our base plan offers the following:

  • 1 Rack Unit of space
  • 1 Amp of Liebert conditioned and UPS plus generator backed power
  • 1 Mbps of our high quality multihomed bandwidth
  • Our guarantee of FSN quality according to our standard user agreement
All this for only $79.95 per month!

Additional power is available on a per-server basis for $25 per month per 0.5 Amp.

If you need more bandwidth we offer additional cost efficient transit at the following price points:

Transfer Speed Price
2 to 10 Mbps $25/Mbps per Month
11 to 25 Mbps $20/Mbps per Month
26 to 49 Mbps $15/Mbps per Month
50+ Mbps Contact us for a custom quote

If you need additional physical space for larger machines (3U or larger), these are available as well. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

For those needing custom services such as control panel licensing, multiple network or power ports, or other additions, please contact us for a custom quote!

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